You've arrived at GeekTools.

Sick of old, clunky blogging platforms holding you back?

GeekTools was built to be easy and gorgeous.

Often readers prefer to stay up to date with your content with aggregate readers. GeekTools comes with an ATOM feed built-in.

Many ways to read gets you more visitors, guaranteed!

The safety of your personal data is a big deal to you, and that means it's important to us.

GeekTools is designed from the top down with industry leading security features so you will rest easy knowing that your content is secure.

Whyshould you be limited to only one site per person? Build as many new blogs as you can, each focused on a unique topic.

You're an individual person with lots of interests. Share your ideas!

So why is GeekTools so simple to use?

It is as easy as 1..2..3!


Easy editing of blog posts, written with Markdown.

You won't need to know difficult HTML syntax or worrying about WYSIWYG post editors that screw up your data.


Change layouts and themes with a click!

You are not a full-time website designer? Not a problem. GeekTools comes with sixteen different layouts and themes to pick from, and we add new ones frequently.


Every blog site is create with a single individual subdomain that you choose.

Since you can pick a subdomain that's relevant to your blog's content, that makes it simpler for search engines to point new visitors to your blog.

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